2009 JOY Child Learning Center, LLC.
At JOY, the staff and children had a fun-filled and highly
interesting 2010 summer.  Best of all, no major storms
occurred and everyone was healthy and safe.  

JOY's preschool children enjoyed three, end of the
month, Bar-B-Q lunches, numerous splash day activities
and art projects.  JOY's school-age children were taken
to 11 shows, at various theaters, 6 art museums, 1
weather museum, 1 health museum, 1 natural science
museum,  1 zoo, 1 arts & crafts center, and 2 bowling

In addition, JOY wanted its children to experience
different ethnic cultures by way of food and
surroundings.  JOY's children ate Japanese food at KIRIN,
Vietnamese food at KIM SON, Italian food at Spaghetti
Warehouse, American food at PAPPAS BAR-B-Q and
GOLDEN CORRAL, and Chinese food at JOY.  These
restaurant experiences helped JOY's children learned to
dine in a respectful manner and they were often
complimented by the managers of the food
establishments, for their excellent behavior.  Great job

JOY's preschool and school-age children enjoyed all of the
above activities  and were also successful in completing
all of their summer classwork. This was the best JOY
summer, ever!       
Splash Day!
Menil Museum
Houston Zoo
Health Museum