JOY is a 3,000 square foot,
stand alone, child care center.  
It is adjoined with a fully
furnished 11,450 square foot
playground.  Security is
provided by a pass code
entrance door and closed
circuit tv cameras that monitor
the Center's grounds as well as
each classroom.  All meals are
prepared daily, on site, in our
fully equipped kitchen.  

JOY'S interior space is divided
into four purposeful rooms.  
Two rooms are designed to help
3 and 4 year old children learn
their basic academic and fine
motor skills, more productively,
by providing them with noise
dampening floors and ceilings.  
A third room is designed to help
toddlers, ages 18 months to 3
years old, safely explore their
environment by providing them
with cushy furnishings and
toddler-appropriate toys.  A
fourth room, alternately shared
by all groups, affords children
1,200 square feet of activity
space.  In this large area,
energetic children can involve
themselves with art,
recreational, and many other
multi-sensory activities.  
10-foot ceilings provide our
young scholars with spacious
surroundings.  Many classrooms
have long horizontal windows
for added natural light.  These
studio-like qualities help
children feel relaxed, focused
and inspired to be creative.    
2009 JOY Child Learning Center, LLC.