"Before there can be successful students, there must first be  
                       great teachers."

In addition to the required DFPS (Department of Family and
Protective Services) training hours for teachers, JOY'S own group
training program guides and instructs them on how to improve
their caregiver skills and be more innovative facilitators of
children's learning.  JOY believes teaching is an art form,
because of the simple fact that it requires successful teachers to
be constantly inventive, like artists, when dealing with the
differing abilities and needs of children.  Children have many
ways of being smart-through words, numbers, pictures, music,
physical expression, and self understanding.  Each child has a
unique intelligence style for absorbing, retaining, and applying
knowledge.  Therefore, JOY continually adjusts its curriculum so
as to adapt to the unique developmental needs of your child.  
JOY views children not only as young students, but also as young
teachers.  Why?  Because their words, actions, and demeanor,
communicate to our teachers how they want to be taught.  Our
innovative and flexible teaching methods help children achieve
their best, because we let children help teach us how to teach
them, best.  Teaching and learning creatively is what JOY Child
Learning Center is all about.     
2009 JOY Child Learning Center, LLC.