Texas Department Of Family
       And Protective Services

The following highlighted information are statements from the
TDFPS website:

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS)
was created with the passage of House Bill 2292 by 78th Texas
Legislature, Regular Session.  Previously called the Texas
Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, DFPS is
charged with protecting children, adults who are elderly or have
disabilities living at home or in state facilities, and licensing group
day-care homes, day-care centers, and registered family homes.

The mission of The Texas Department of Family and Protective
Services is to protect children, the elderly, and people with
disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by involving
clients, families and communities.

TDFPS helps protect your child by way of home/center
inspections, and enforcement of child-care licensing rules.  
However, there are different standards of accountability for each
of the three child-care operations:  registered family homes,  
licensed group child-care homes, and licensed child-care centers.

For example, licensed child-care centers are required to post, in
a prominent and publicly accessible place where parents and
others may easily view during all hours of operation, the
following:  Emergency and evacuation relocation plans, The
activity plan for each group of children in the child-care center,
Notice of Availability for Review of: (A)  The most
recent fire inspection report; (B)  The most recent sanitation
inspection report; (C)  The most recent gas inspection report, if
applicable.  Registered family homes and licensed group
child-care homes do not post any of the above information,
because TDFPS does not require them to have fire, sanitation,
and gas inspections.  Read the TDFPS  
Minimum Standard Rules
for Child-Care Centers
and the  Minimum Standard Rules for
Registered and Licensed Child-Care Homes
to learn more.

All in all, the TDFPS rules and inspections help child-care
operations perform at their best and afford parents more
protection for their child.  You, the parent, need to have the
best information possible so as to make an informed decision in
choosing a safe and secure place for your child to be cared for.  
For your review, JOY Child Learning Center posts its most recent
TDFPS inspection report in its front office.                
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