JOY is acutely aware of children's rapid mental development from
age one to six years.  It uses a proven curriculum, HOORAY FOR
ENGLISH, that helps young children develop strong language and
cognitive abilities.  JOY'S curriculum is supplemented with a wide
range of peripheral educational material.  Books, video/dvd
media, computers, and original fine art help to bring to life the
curriculum's subject matter and children's interest in learning
more.  Studies have shown that young children are dynamic
learners who learn best by moving, speaking, and playing as much
as possible.  Therefore, JOY'S teachers introduce academic
topics, to children, much like the rules of a fun outdoor game.  
After a short session of rule study (basic academics), JOY'S
teachers employ TPR (Total Physical Response) activities which
allow children to physically play-out what they have learned.  The
more senses children use during TPR activities, then, the more
profound is their retention of the learned material.  


Each morning and throughout each day, at JOY, toddlers receive
an abundance of love and affection from their caregivers.  This
special attention helps toddlers foment a secure feeling of trust
in themselves, as well as others.  Moreover, these positive
feelings help give rise to their creative nature, industriousness,
self confidence, pride, and a strong desire to be independent.  
Energetic toddlers are provided a dynamic program that is
designed to enhance their curiosity and stimulate their brain
development.  Each child is allowed to blossom at their own
unique pace through a hands-on program that fosters their social
skills, language development, and interests in active play.  Our
teachers promote their learning by involving toddlers in a variety
of sensory activities such as:  touching textures, viewing pictures,
smelling, tasting food, and listening to music.  In addition,
toddlers are afforded much time to grasp, speak, crawl, push,
pull, walk, drink and eat independently.  And, if assistance is
needed, our caregivers are more than happy to help toddlers with
their potty training and other potty needs.  JOY'S responsible and
affectionate caregivers love toddlers and are rewarded by their

In 2003, Texas implemented Texas Assessment of Knowledge and
Skills (TAKS), a new statewide test, to replace the Texas
Assessment of Academic Skills (TASS).  TAKS is better aligned
with the state's learning standards and is more rigorous than
TASS.  Similarly, JOY Child Learning Center's educational program
is aligned well with Texas's new higher elementary school
standards.  It is keenly focused on providing its young children
with a preschool education that exceeds the standards of most
daycare centers in the area.  JOY prepares all its enrolled children
for a successful transition into Texas's elementary schools.

JOY Child Learning Center's preschool educational  program is
divided into academic sessions, brainstorming sessions, and TPR
activities.  Academic sessions emphasize the following skills*:  
basic phonics, pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, and
pre-science.  Then, children's newly learned skills are put into
practice through a creative class of brainstorming.  Teachers help
promote children's inference, analytical, and comprehension skills
through group reading, discussions, and critiques.  Students are
encouraged to question everything and to think in terms of "what
if...?".  After brainstorming, JOY'S daily educational program
concludes with TPR activities which allow children to physically
play-out what they have learned.  TPR activities make learning
life skills an easy and fun experience.

By providing Learning Centers, JOY encourages children to
investigate, discover and educate themselves.  Learning Centers
are areas within JOY'S facility where young children can gather in
small groups to focus their attention on specific kinds of play
activities.  JOY provides seven indoor Learning Centers:  creative
arts, blocks & 3D design, role-play, reading & reference, math &
science, music & movement, mark making & writing.  By affording
children these environments, children are able to exercise their
right to choose, take care of things and people, develop their
large and fine motor skills, and reward themselves via their own
talents and discoveries.  These child-initiated experiences help
children build essential social and physical skills, as well as strong

Skills are taught in different combinations and may not include all 5 skills
for each day.

At JOY, we are in tune with what busy school age children want
after a long day.  In a word, it's about
choice.  For schoolers,  
quality options abound at our Center.  They may choose to work
on their school assignments alone or with assistance from their
JOY teacher, play outside or inside in our supervised recreation
areas, involve themselves with board games, puzzles, crafts,
computers, or just kick back and relax with their good friends.  
For school age children, interested in artistic activities, JOY
offers them a chance to participate in its Fine Arts program.

JOY'S Fine Arts program is about creative teaching, learning, and
the innovative application of one's talents.  At JOY, children can
learn painting, drawing, 2 & 3D design, sculpture, and pottery
every week*.  Except for the art materials, this program is
included in the tuition price.  All five of children's developmental
domains-physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language
development-are cultivated in this one creative program.  The
creation of art demands coordination of a child's five
developmental domains in manipulating materials, expressing a
concept, and constant effort in thinking of new and better ways
of using materials.  JOY'S Fine Arts program will enlighten and
help blossom your child's artistic nature far beyond the ordinary
programs of others.
2009 JOY Child Learning Center, LLC.